Search Engine Optimization Article Writing Tips

Not only do you want to capture a high ranking in Google through SEO article writing, but you want to capture the attention of readers so they will have an interest in your site and take action. Your ultimate goal is to increase your bottom line and SEO article writing will increase your website traffic, creating automated inbound links as search engines index your new pages.

Search Engine Optimized Article writing isn't anything special, anyone can do it with an attention to the details, it's important to write effectively and to write what interests you. If your not interested in what your writing, your reader will sense that and will click away. In the case of article writing, you want to write effectively for the search engines as well as the readers whose business you want to capture. Your goal is to achieve search engine visibility, and in order to do that, the professional article writer must begin to think like a search engine. The writer must determine what key words the user is searching with in Google, and then incorporate those keywords into the body of the article. SEO companies are skilled at writing articles that have keywords embedded in the body of the article without overdoing it. Overloading an article with the same 4 to 6 words spelled exactly the same will make for a bad read, but using those words well grammatically and cleverly to tell your story will set your article apart from others.

Google ranks websites in order of relevance. Articles should have the most important key words in the title and at the beginning because this helps to boost the page's ranking in Google. Remember that the goal of SEO article writing is to get a high ranking in Google searches.

You will need to understand the importance of keyword density. Search engine algorithms change constantly and articles written today may need to be rewritten a month from today with different keyword density in order to continue to maintain higher search engine rankings in Google.

All writers know that it is important to have someone else read the articles before going live on the Internet. If the articles pass the human test, then you can be confident they will at least hold the interest of someone reading them on your website. You always want to read your articles a few weeks or months later and make small changes and fine tune you META Tags to match the trends in keywords your article was written for.

Imagine your website is a living organism, it needs watering, pruning and and occasional transplant, but with personal attention your article writing will over time bring guests to your front door.

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