7 Proven Ways to Generate Website Traffic

After you have accomplished setting up your website the next important step is attracting visitors. With out generating site visitors your website might not survive. However, the standard of site visitors you obtain can also be important. Your purpose is focused traffic. This implies having people who are enthusiastic about your services visiting your website. The next are 7 methods to increase targeted visitors:

1. Search engine optimization - It is very important that search engines can read, rate and rank your website, I feel this is the most important step to the success of any website. For a website to rank highly in Google and other search engines your websites content (the written word), META DATA, image URL's, title/alt tags and internal/external links must be carefully implemented. Never underestimate the importance of search engines, studies prove nearly 90% of all website traffic originates from search engines.

2. Articles - You don't need to be a successful or acclaimed writer to write your own articles, you can get your ideas down and find a writer to edit your work. How many articles should you have, more is better. Each and every article is a potential landing page for search engines to drive traffic to your website. Writing keyword rich articles and submitting them to various article directories can increase the amount of visitors to your website. Completing the useful resource box with links back to your web site means that every revealed article supplies you with a high quality traffic to your site.

3. Blogs & Forums - Blogs are on the rise in popularity. You'll be able to easily set up a blog, linked to your web site, utilizing Blogger or Wordpress. When you discover it difficult to offer each day articles on your weblog then think about using articles from different sources such as article directories, private label rights articles and product reviews. By constantly updating your blog entries you will move up the search engine rankings. Look for forums or boards that are associated to the business that you're promoting on your website. Forums are communities the place folks can exchange ideas and techniques. Join within the discussions and attempt to assist others whenever possible. Including a signature file linking back to your website can offer you hyperlinks and increased traffic.

4. Social Networking - This form of traffic generation is also changing into more extensively popular as an increasing number of persons are getting involved in establishing social networks equivalent to Squidoo, Myspace and Facebook.

5. Link Building - Natural or relevant links to your web site can have significat and long term effect on not only traffic but your web sites natural organic growth or page rank. It is important to look for opportunities to exchange links with other web sites that have similar content, and hopefully sites with a higher page rank then yours.

6. Electronic Mail Marketing - This is typically viewed as a cost effective and simple method to generate visitors to your website. By offering a free subscription to your e-newsletter, a free report or product to your visitors will encourage they opt-in to your mailing list. Make sure you place the opt-in link in a prominent place on your website. Visitors will enroll if they feel they are getting something of value.

7. PPC or pay per click - This method includes you shopping for targeted visitors through the major search engines like google and yahoo together with Google, Yahoo and MSN. The essential side to PPC is managing the cost per click on as this may be costly however you solely pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Through the use of the different strategies described above you must notice a particular improve within the traffic to your web site and in addition an increase in generated leads.

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